Thinking of starting counseling?


I have worked as a therapist for over 20 years in private practice and in the community, and have assisted many people get through those difficult moments that life brings. My goal is to help people learn new skills (coping, communication, etc.) and gain insight through exploring the various facets of their personalities. Always with compassion and kindness.

Together we will work through issues that are stopping you from gaining what you want from life. We will also affirm the positive qualities, the ones so easy to overlook when going through difficult times. In my approach I emphasis improving communication skills and gaining better self-awareness that will help you obtain your goals and feel more content with your life. I believe compassion and empathy are the basic components of a good therapist

I use a variety of interventions based on the needs and objectives of each client. These can include all or any of these techniques:

        1. Traditional talk therapy  
        2. Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
        3. Art therapy for exploration and expression of emotions
        4. Relaxation techniques
        5. Explore communication skills
        6. Anger management
        7. Exploration of childhood/family dynamics
        8. Identify triggers (sensitive points usually originating from childhood)

My qualifications:

BA from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
BSW from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MSW from University of Montreal (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

My best,
Rivkah Gloria Horowitz, MSW, RSW