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What is telephone/video therapy?


The first appointment resembles a visit to your family doctor, lots of questions but with much more time to answer. Long distance counseling is not different in this respect than ordinary face-to-face counseling.

Long distance counseling can help when you are feeling sad or frightened and cannot quite cope, or in a difficult relationship or situation.  Or maybe simply feel the need to grow as an individual and gain more insight into who you are and how you go about making important decisions in your life, especially the ones that had bad consequences.

Why choose long distance therapy?

The simple answer is its convenience. You can call from anywhere: from a small, remote town, in the evening when the children are asleep, from your office, when your schedule is too hectic, and, if a crisis arises, even on vacation. Therapy is always confidential and non-judgmental. 

Affordable, accessible and anonymous, long distance counseling can fit the needs of those:

        1. who live in remote areas or in small communities where there are no counseling services
        2. who are living abroad (expatriates)
        3. who are housebound
        4. who live in a city where the cost is too high for therapy
        5. who are not mobile due to physical or health problems
        6. who live in a small city and want more privacy than a local therapist can offer
        7. who are seeking help for the first time, feel uncomfortable and want to test the waters
        8. who are traveling abroad

Links about long distance counseling

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When Your Therapist Is Only a Click Away – http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/25/fashion/therapists-are-seeing-patients-online.html?_r=1
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